Sorcit explores the rise of furniture that helps you recharge

For product designers, the secret to a good idea is often to look at people’s behaviour and trends and then to identify gaps in what they want to do and what they can do. The products that inspire and become popular are those that fulfil a need, that make life simpler and easier.

At Sorcit we know the way we use technology has changed dramatically in the past decade and increasingly product designers are identifying ways to help both meet and match that usage. We carry smartphones with us almost permanently, we want to be able to call, text, email, take pictures and connect with people 24/7.

The problem is that the tech itself isn’t quite up to speed with our usage; battery life is still just a few hours, it’s rarely more than 12, especially if you have a device that is constantly connected to the internet and continually updating responding to servers and thus draining battery life.

Increasingly, product designers are looking for both practical and stylish solutions. This year, Swedish giant Ikea secured headlines with its new wireless charging furniture. Now, for those who like a sustainable edge, FurniQi is doing the same thing.

Stylish and sustainable wood furniture that looks great, the tables, desks and the whole range contains a hidden QI; there is wireless charging inside. With a crowdfinding campaign to help them raise the money for the new range, the first piece is a bamboo side table.

Wireless charging is going to be a huge development over the coming years; imagine being able to walk into your home or office, pop your smartphone or tablet on the nearest table and know it’ll just charge happily. No wires, no forgetting your charger, or having the wrong charger. The furniture does all the hard work for you.

You can sign up to FurniQi to stay in touch about their upcoming Indiegogo campaign and how you can support at

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