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Who are Sorcit?

Sorcit are a design, manufacture & supply company, with offices in both the UK and China. Situated in Nottinghamshire, UK, it is here where our product design consultancy services are based. We act as your sourcing agent, manufacturing directly with the assistance of our team based in Xiamen, China.

We began the Sorcit journey in 2005 and have so far helped launch 500+ products, for companies and charities such as; Help for Heroes, Luckies and our in-house brand, Colapz.

Why choose Sorcit?

  • Strong Retail Experience
  • Hands-on Approach
  • Small Friendly Team
  • 20 years China Experience
  • Focused on Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Great Communication
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Trusted Manufacturers
  • UK & China Offices
  • Contribute Fresh ideas
  • Extensive Talent Pool

We design, manufacture, supply & deliver

We love to write about our work

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Picture the average lunchtime in a city centre and the thousands of takeaway containers being purchased by hungry customers. The chances are, these will mostly be made of polystyrene and plastic, and they’ll be sent straight to landfill after use. Increasingly,...

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How Cork is Starting a Quiet Revolution

Environmentally friendly materials are found in things we see every day and harnessing the power of these materials can help reduce our carbon footprints and provide some innovative solutions to daily challenges. Cork is one of those materials you might not think of...

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