Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging Design

Flexible packaging offers many major benefits over other, more conventional packaging options.

With our product design services, not only can we help you to develop your product and successfully bring it to the high street, we can also help you to compete within a competitive market.

We can help you to design the sort of packaging that stands out on those crowded high-street shelves. But through making use of flexible packaging – an advanced alternative to traditional packaging methods – we can also help you to save space, to drastically reduce your product’s time to market, and to develop the sort of packaging that’s ideally suited for efficient transit.

The benefits of flexible packaging

Better Appearance – Flexible packaging allows for finishes from wax, dry, and solvent-less lamination, resulting in the sort of improved aesthetics that will give your products the professional sheen required to fly from the shelves.
Supremely Durable – Flexible packaging has a high impact resistance, a high seal and bond strength, and a high resistance to both hot and cold extreme temperatures. This makes it the ideal choice for international transit, as you can rest assured that your products will make it to the market fresh and intact.
Rapid Turnaround Time – Flexible packaging can be designed, manufactured, and assembled much quicker than conventional packaging, meaning that you can drastically reduce the amount of time required to bring your products to the high street.

Many applications

Meeting strict FDA and EU food safety standards, flexible packaging is a cost-effective solution that is growing in popularity in all areas of the commercial world.

At Sorcit, we can design and implement a flexible packaging solution that’s completely suited to the specific requirements of your project and your product, delivering a high quality solution and an excellent ROI.

Flexible packaging has many applications, including:


  • Health products
  • Dairy products
  • Pet food
  • Beverages
  • Agricultural products

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