Metal Product Design

Our dedicated manufacturer is our secret weapon – the core advantage that makes us stand out from many of our competitors.

At Sorcit, we have a long-term relationship with our manufacturer in China. With their sophisticated production amenities, they are equipped with all the technology and resources they need to handle projects and products of all shapes and sizes.

With the help of our manufacturing partners, we are able to provide a service that’s completely tailored to the specific requirements of your project. We can help you to design and manufacture products of any size, any shape, and in any material you like – whether it’s textile, wood, plastic, or metal.

Indeed, our manufacturing partners are particularly adept when it comes to metal manufacturing. They make use of computer-aided software and analytical programmes to generate highly accurate and unambiguous designs across specialist fields. This means that in addition to satisfying our clients’ requests, they are also qualified to supply for the highly regulated medical, transport, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

We offer a wide range of metallurgic services

NCT punching

Die casting
CNC machining
Mechanical assembly

Bespoke methods

Whether your product requires metal pressing, tube bending, laser cutting, welding, or mechanical assembly, our manufacturing partners can be trusted to deliver. They can even make use of such finishing processes as powder coating, anodising, and plating – whatever is required to give your product the professional finish and durability required for the market.

At Sorcit, we can design and implement a bespoke manufacturing solution that’s completely tailored to the specific requirements of your project, delivering a high quality solution and an excellent ROI.

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