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Project Description

LATUPO  are one of our European clients based in Germany.  They are an on-line retailer specialising selling into gift markets.  Working to thier brief we designed and developed a range of bespoke scratch posters for them including translations into German language. Using our talented artists we created a range including 99 Cocktails to make and drink, Children’s world travel map and Children’s reward poster to encourage good behaviour.

We chose to manufacture these posters with our Taiwanese manufacturer, as they are experts in controlling application of the scratch foil, and ensuring that the scratch foil does not harden over time when the posters are exposed to sunlight and air.

It’s very important the posters were tested and approved by an accredited test house. Extensive testing on all substrates meant this range complied with all current UK and EU legislation. We undertook this testing on clients behalf, which was initially conducted in Asia prior to production, ensuring the products were 100% safe when they were shipped to the client.

The hardest part of printing graphics to any substrate, is maintaining the colours, detail and quality of the print that reflects the on-screen designs we create in the UK. In this case, we have to  apply a foil and a keyine layer on the poster. The alignment or registration is critical that all 3 layers align correctly to not expose the design under the scratch foil.

We are always extra vigilant at the final QC stage to ensure the posters are printed and packed perfectly and 100% correct before they leave the factory.

LATUPO have also asked Sorcit to be involved in future product developments both 2D and 3D based products across different materials.

We are working with this creative and friendly team for several years now. Sorcit is very competent at sourcing new ideas and a reliable partner during order follow-up. The cooperation is very inspiring and we are looking forward to future projects.

Meike Gehrmann

Product Manager, Latupo GmbH

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