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We have been supplying DUNK TRADING products successfully for at least 8 years. They are specialists in supplying the gift market with fun and novel products which are distributed globally. We work in conjunction with DUNK TRADING to develop their ideas and offer design, technical and manufacturing solutions to enhance their fabulous range of products that cover textiles, plastics and metals.

Some of the most successful product we have developed in with DUNK TRADING are: THE SHARP END – the cat that meows when you sharpen your pencils!, EGG MAN – The egg separator that cleverly separates a yolk from the white, THE DOG END – novelty tea towel holder, and HOODIES COVERS- for tablets & phones.

We have repeatedly manufactured these products for DUNK TRADING over the years. The SHARP END alone has selling in excess of 500,000 units, which is testament to the unique designs and consistent production standards which we consistently meet.

To see more of these fab products visit www.dunktrading.co.uk

Been working with Sorcit for over 10 years now, they have always been great for us. Keen to help, fast to respond and very knowledgeable across a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques as well as design for manufacture. I have no reservation in recommending them.

George Crane

Owner, Dunk Trading Limited

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