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Project Description

This award winning client came to us having met them at a London design show. The company owner and designer Patrick Morris had already developed a unique upside down ceramic plant pot that was starting to generate strong sales in design led top end retailers. Boskee briefed Sorcit to develop a more cost effective range in plastic that could be pitched at more mass market retailers with a lower retail price point, while still retaining the overall aesthetics and function of the original ceramic version.

This was a very technical project to deliver. Whilst the product looked very simple from the outside, the internals and assembly were very complicated, especially when transferring materials into plastic. The inside also housed a terracotta disc that we developed in Thailand. This was critical to the success of the product, as the ceramic disc had to have the correct porosity to deliver water to the plants over a period of time, but also create a watertight seal inside, so that the plant pot didn’t leak when water was added. To add to the challenge, we also incorporated a floating water level gauge, so that the user could see when the plant needed more water adding.

Using our trusted Chinese manufacturer, we went to production on this plastic range with tremendous results. The plastic range gave the client cost reductions, speed and technical solutions which greatly enhanced their product offering. Not only did it allow them to offer additional designs to a broader market place, but they also targeted mass market retailers, increasing their overall sales. The range now includes many colours, including a transparent option, and a variety of shapes and sizes that ship and retail around the world.

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