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Project Description

Haypigs is a collection of Circus themed products for Guinea pigs.  The product range was developed by Rik Cridland at Stir Design. We have been working with Rik on several projects, as his background is in product design for the novelt gift market.  A keen Guinea pig lover himself, had the inspiration to look at the small pet market, and give a fresh look to all the products currently available to small animal lovers. His first range is all Circus themed, but has many other themes to develop and launch.  He has had great success to date, winning many trade and consumer awards with his HayPigs product range. Taking Riks’ designs, we helped him develop the product and packaging for this complicated range. Colours and quality were key to the brand, so we strived to produce the range to the high end finish that was demanded by this high end range of products. The range included a mix of materials including wood and plastics, as well as all the testing that was needed to ensure all the products were safe to be nibbled at!…We look forward to working on the next ideas Rik has to develop in the future.

When we approached Sorcit with our product range we had a very clear vision of what we wanted to achieve – a premium range of high quality, luxury products for small furries. We’re delighted to say that’s exactly what we got and our customers really appreciate the lengths we all went to to get every little detail right. Thanks team Sorcit! Rik Cridland

MD and self-proclaimed Ringmaster, HayPigs Limited

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