Pet Rebellion

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Project Description

Pet Rebellion are a recent addition to our client list. They first approached us with a concept for a new dog food and water bowl. The shape of the bowl was quite unique, and our client needed to use our design services to create the CAD work for the bowl. This enabled us to provide accurate costings for production, sampling and rapid prototyping. Our in-house designer was tasked with creating the CAD work for a dog bowl shaped as the word “WOOF”.

The main challenge on this project was designing the shape of the bowl, so it could easily be read as the word “WOOF”, but was also suitable to be injection moulded. The radius on the edge of the bowl were very difficult to get right, as well as achieving the recess in the product to accept 2 stainless steel bowls. Consultation between the Chinese factory preparing the tooling and our expertise in the UK office, eventually over came the issues.

After the first sample came out of the mould, we had to make slight design modifications on the wall thickness and how the 2 halves of the moulding were assembled. On the second sample this issues were resolved, which production to start soon after. This is the typical product for injection moulded products. The client also commissioned us to create the packaging and point of sale material for the product. The first 5000 units landed in the UK late 2014, have already proved to be a great selling product over the past few months.

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