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Project Description

Toothbuckle approached us in 2017 with a new product idea that would keep toothbrushes clean whilst either at home or when travelling.  Their initial thoughts were to manufacture it in silicone. Having worked on many silicone projects, we immediately knew this was the correct material to be using. Silicone has the strength and flexibility needed and also has the added benefit of being a food grade material.  The Toothbuckle actively protects your entire toothbrush with its LFGB silicone and antimicrobial properties, from everyday toilet spray, airborne germs and millions of bad bacteria guarding you against toothbrush cross contamination. We worked with our Far East manufacturer on the CAD modelling, making adjustments so the toothbrush cover fitted most non-electric toothbrushes which come in many different shapes and sizes.  Silicone tends to have a surface finish that can feel ‘sticky’.  With this in mind, we suggested using a ‘soft touch’ surface finish. This made the product feel more premium and comfortable when being used. After several design and sample iterations, we went into production and the first Toothbuckles hit the UK in May this year. The Toothbuckle is now available on Amazon and has had strong initial sales and very positive reviews. See more details at
Having never worked with Sorcit before we started with a lot of questions. Very quickly Shaun and David took the time to go over every detail with us. Their knowledge helped to guide us smoothly through the process looking at things objectively and helping us to make decisions, always with calm, patient and being very professional. We value our relationship with the people at Sorcit and plan to continue to work with them on future products. Alison Rogers

Co-Owner, Toothbuckle Limited

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