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Project Description

LUCKIES are one of the leading UK novelty gift distributors into the UK and Worldwide. Their unique and stylish designs are applied to some fantastic idea’s including the famous “Scratch Map” for logging your travels around the world. The product is a wall poster which is coated in a layer of scratchable foil and one of the main development challenges was finding the suitable supplier that could achieve this printing technique on a large scale and supply the consistency of print. This product has had amazing success around the global and continues to sell alongside many other variations of the original concept. Credit to its original creator at Luckies!

Due to the success of the original scratch map, we were asked to develop and supply many other “own brand” Luckies products for the client. Many have been paper based products with a ‘Scratch’ theme, which have included a 3D scratch globe, travelogue booklet and the travel scratch map. Over the 5 years we have been producing this product, to date we have manufactured in excess of 200,000 scratch maps through our production facility in Asia. We continue to be a valued supplier to this very successful UK based distributor working on many exciting products made from Dupont Tyvek, stone paper and ceramics.

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